In A Few Words


The SAP ERP Materials Resources Planning course presents all the advanced elements within the framework of the planning of material needs with SAP ERP



At the end of the training, the learner will be able to understand the concepts of demand management and planning of material requirements in SAP ERP


Topics Covered In This Training


Overview of production planning in SAP ERP

Demand management

– Planning of inventory production with and without logical consumption

– Planning of production from order to production with and without consumption logic

– Use of assembly processing in order production

– Application of improvements to demand management

– Analysis of availability checks

Execution of material requirements planning

– Configuration of MRP prerequisites

– Execution of the MRP Run

– Configuration of MRP execution

– MRP interactive planning

Technical requirements planning processes

– Calculation of net requirements

– Application of Buffers in the calculation of net requirements

– Calculation of batch sizes

– Selection of supply types

– Selection of nomenclature and routing

Processing and evaluation of MRP results

– Comparison of a list of MRP and a list of stocks / needs

– Application of the planning table

– Identification of exception messages

Additional MRP processes

– Establishment and execution of long-term planning

– Analysis of multi-site planning


Some practical information


▫ Project manager

▫ Staff in the purchasing and production profession

▫ Members of SAP ERP project team



4 days






SBS 002 & SBS 004 modules



1,200€ VAT excl.

BSS-IT is an approved training operator within the framework of the training voucher system.