BSS-IT is a center which develops and offers training for employees, workers, executives and business leaders.

Our company specializes in training based on ERP-type management information technology (SAP).


  • Inter-company training (open to all companies)
  • Intra-company training  (dedicated to a single company)


  • Employees
  • Workers
  • Executives
  • Leaders


€ 300 excl.VAT / day / person

** Minimum 3 people / training

* BSS-IT is an approved training operator within the framework of the training voucher system.


  • At our office: Créapôle, Allée des Noisetiers 2, 4031 Angleur (Belgium)
  • At your office
  • Other locations

Some Testimonials

« […] This training has been beneficial for me from all points of view. Professionally, I finally understood a portion of my last 5 years of work, a thousand thanks to Pauline! » –

F. Toth (28/02/2020)

« […] It was a very enriching experience, it could allow me to evolve professionally.» –

X. Novack (28/02/2020)

« […] 15 intensive days of training in such a pleasant and friendly atmosphere that we regret that it did not last longer. » –

B. Seys (29/02/2020)