The SAP ERP Purchase course presents all the fundamental elements in the context of supply management with SAP ERP


At the end of the training, the learner will be able to understand the processes of the purchasing professions in SAP ERP and to carry out a complete purchasing flow with SAP ERP


Definition of processes and organizational levels in procurement

– Creation of a purchase order

– Maintenance of purchase orders

– Publication of goods receipts

– Entry of invoices


– Hardware

– Purchasing

– Info sheet

Material inventory procurement process

– Application of purchase conditions

– Processing purchase requests

– Purchase order creation with reference

– Analysis of material evaluation

– Recording of goods receipts for purchase orders

– Entry of invoices with reference

Consumable material acquisition process

– Creation of a purchase request

– Purchase order creation with reference

– Receipt entry of valued and unvalued goods

Procurement process with external services

– Creation of service order

– Creation of service entries and verification of invoices

Validation procedure for purchasing documents

Supplier assessment

Reports and analysis


▫ Project manager

▫ Staff in the purchasing sector

▫ Members of SAP ERP project team


5 days




SBS 001 module

Price 1,500€ excl.VAT

BSS-IT is an approved training operator within the framework of the training voucher system.