The SAP ERP Production Planning course presents all the fundamental elements within the framework of production planning in SAP ERP


At the end of the training, the learner will be able to understand the process of production trades in SAP ERP and to plan and execute a workflow in SAP ERP


Master data management for production planning and execution

– Items sheets

– Nomenclatures

– Ranges and workstations

Demand planning with ICP (industrial and commercial plan)

Order management

– Main planning strategies

– Manufacturing from stock and to order

Long-term planning

– Simulation of a production plan

Calculation of needs (MRP)

– Execution and analysis of results

Presentation of the types of production execution with SAP ERP

Discreet manufacturing with production order

– Characteristics

– Elements of a production order

– Steps for processing a production order

Discrete manufacturing with process order

– Characteristics

– Basic data

– Elements of a process order

– Steps for processing a process order and links with workshop management

Repetitive manufacturing

– Characteristics

– Execution steps


– Characteristics

– Database

– Kanban replenishment



▫ Project manager

▫ Staff in the production sector

▫ Members of the SAP ERP project team



5 days






SBS 001 module



1,500 € VAT excl.

BSS-IT is an approved training operator within the framework of the training voucher system.