In A Few Words


The SAP ERP stock and physical inventory course presents all the advanced elements within the framework of supply management with SAP ERP


At the end of the training, the learner will be able to understand the operations of inventory management and physical inventory, create goods movements and use the special functions of inventory management.

Topics Covered In This Training


Introduction to stock management

– Definition of stock management and physical inventory

– Movement of goods (MIGO)

Goods Receipts

– Publication of a goods receipt with and without reference

– Display of a goods receipt with automatic generation of a purchase order

– Creation and delivery of returns

Goods transfers

– Creation of a transfer

– Transfer of stocks between storage locations

– Transfer of stocks between installations


Goods issues

Special forms of procurement

– Subcontracting

– Consignment

– Pipeline

The special characteristics of inventory valuation

– Split assessment

– Non-recovered material

Physical inventory

– Basic counting

– Counting based on samples

Stock management reports


Some practical information


▫ Project manager

▫ Person in the purchasing profession

▫ Members of SAP ERP project team



3 days






SBS 002 module



900€ VAT excl.

BSS-IT is an approved training operator within the framework of the training voucher system.