HANA is a database that helps the company to increase the speed of analysis of business processes, data processing and forecasting. HANA simplifies access to information, improving the user experience through technology HTML5.

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SAP HANA Highlights

  • Cash flow forecasting

    • Gain a complete and timely picture of your cash flow
    • Include optionally open documents like POs and sales orders in calcultaions
    • Assess probability of payment with sophisticated calculations
  • Advanced « Available To Promise » (ATP) 
    • Obtain real-time inventory transparency
    • Aggregate inventory on hand promised and desired dynamically
    • Minimize costs by re-scheduling sales orders
  • Delivery schedule management
    • Stay on top of your scheduled deliveries, changing quantities on the fly
    • See scheduled delivery date and quantity of sales orders with positive quantity, A/R reserve invoices with positive quantity, inventory transfer requests, production orders, purchase orders with negative quantity and A/P reserve invoices with negative quantity
    • Reallocate quantities of documents to fulfill the quantity of the target document
    • Preview and confirm the outcome
  • Pervasive Analytics Dashboards
    • Embed analytical content in transaction screens
    • Enable front line employees to see data needed to make business decisions – at the moment it’s needed
    • Reflect transactional activity as it happens with real-time analysis
    • Predict future behavior with forecasting capabilities
  • Ad-hoc/ Interactive analysis 
    • Helps users explore more information before making decisions
    • Enables any user to create and run reports without requiring IT support
    • Improves productivity by putting the user in control of information
    • Leverages familiar MS Excel pivot tables to make analysis work quick and simple
  • Entreprise ‘Google-like’ Search
    • Access the most relevant SAP Business One data with freestyle search
    • Locate business information just as you would do a search on the internet
    • Enjoy a seamless user experience
    • Search Templates
    • Filter on dates
    • Sort results
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