Do you need a product that links offices to construction sites? Site management, delays, workers, machines, let us simplify your life!

We are committed to offering you, in addition to the functionalities of SAP Business One, an integrated product that offers:

  • A comprehensive analysis and reporting system that assesses problems in the field, full visibility across the whole company, and automation of customer invoices.
  • Transparent planning based on artificial intelligence that supports team schedules while optimizing planning in a completely personalized way for your business.
  • Skills management that improves productivity by sending a message, for example, to teams on the field regarding tools and machines useful for the site.
  • Self-service so that your customers have access to the progress of the site, and lets your customer know what time your team will be on site.
  • Real-time visibility of your stocks and warehouse
  • A mobile application accessible online or offline designated for technicians.

Do you use CAD / CAM tools such as autocad, Archicad, or other? SAP Business One fully adapts to these tools and even integrates it!

Do you have a large number of documents / invoices to scan?

Does your company have several subsidiaries?

Need a staff management tool?

Do you want to integrate your email address into the tool?

Do you want to integrate your website into the tool?