We know that the specific needs of your supply chain need to be fully integrated into your digital transformation.

This is why BSS-IT is committed to providing you, integrated into our SAP Business One, the logistics management you need.

This traceability, dispatching automation, inventory by rotations, expiration date, etc. will allow rigorous management that meets the standards of your sector, improved profitability and ease of work for your teams.

This solution adapts to your needs and can therefore also integrate:

1) A balance function  

This is fully integrated with the rest of the ERP. It works according to orders and includes an archive system, printing of labels containing the ingredients, an increase in the quality of production and a reduction in waste, among others.

2) Tracing   

This allows:

– Tracing of the serialization of products which meets the European compliance rules.    – Product identification

– Management of production orders for items managed by batch or by series.    – Delivery precision

– A report of the results of the verification processes after the production of a batch.    -…

3) Integration of business partners and customer invoices for third-party providers   

– Precise invoices

– Real-time inventory visibility

– Automation of the invoice process

– Management of storage areas

You might also be interested in our lighter Scan option, which automates transactions by reading bar codes.

Do you have a large number of documents / invoices to scan?

Does your company have several subsidiaries?

Need a staff management tool?

Do you want to integrate your email address into the tool?

Do you want to integrate your website into the tool?